Why Us

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Selling with Point Cook Real Estate

Our aim is to sell your property for the most amount of money in the shortest possible time – which is what every vendor wants.

  • All agents are not the same
  • First impressions last
  • You can’t sell a secret

There are three important considerations that will influence the sale price of your property –


1. Choice of Agent


There are people who think that – “all agents are the same so I just want someone who will charge me the least”.

We can demonstrate that all agents are not the same and that our dedicated and professional approach will achieve a better final result for a property owner than someone who discounts their fees and their service.

Our fees are not greatly different from other agents but our service, experience and professional standards far exceed what’s offered by most of our competition.  We will ask you to appoint us on the basis that our approach will generate a better final result for you.

Sanctuary Lakes Real Estate has a solid track record since 1997 with the ‘runs on the board’ and is continually the agent achieving top prices in all categories.

If you are considering selling your valuable property, make sure you give us the opportunity to provide our marketing and selling recommendations.


2. Presentation


The effort you put into getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between a standard sale price and a great price.

There are times when owners spend money on their property prior to sale which is completely wasted. Selling a property is a major decision and there is a lot at stake in terms of the final sale price and the associated selling and marketing costs. We believe that seeking professional advice is money well invested and offer our clients a complimentary home styling service.

Our home stylist assists you in accentuating the best features of your home to create wide buyer appeal. She will make suggestions on how to present your home to maximise its presentation potential. You will not be required to buy or rent additional items – the home stylist uses her skills and your furniture to present your property in the best possible way. This complimentary service constantly receives ‘rave’ reviews from our vendors and goes a long way to achieving top dollar for your home.


3.    Advertising and Marketing.


Promotion of your property is a vital factor in attracting buyers. Some owners think that buyers will just appear from nowhere – when, in fact, the successful sale of your property will depend largely on how many buyers we can attract.

Our internal systems and buyer database will definitely produce some buyers but top sales come from the best marketing campaigns.

Our experienced sales consultants will be able to show you the options in terms of marketing and advertising. There is no need to spend beyond your budget but skimping on advertising will not put more money in your pocket. It is likely to cost you more in terms of a lower sale price

When you think about some of the world’s most successful companies, they all understand the value of advertising. An amazingly well-known brand like Coca Cola doesn’t just assume that we will find their product and buy it. They actively and continually advertise across a variety of mediums – we recommend the same approach when selling property.